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The purpose of the Guild is to encourage and advance the interest, knowledge, and performance of woodcarvng and its closely allied forms of artistic expression with wood. It is our purpose to serve the beginner as well as the advanced wood carver. We offer the opportunity for you to meet other carvers and mutually share knowledge and experience.
           President  Art Keys
          Treasurer Dick Karnas
             Membership Pam Donato
       Trustees  Mark Grossman

             Newsletter Pam Donato and Bob Breur

The Guild holds a regular monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of each month. While the formal meeting starts at 7:30 pm, informal gathering usually begins about 7:00 pm, with light refreshments. The meeting normally consists of a short business agenda, a display of members carving efforts (in progress or finished), and a program on some aspect of wood carving or related subject. Most importantly, members get to meet socially with other carvers to discuss their mutual interests. Feel free to bring your spouse or a friend to share your enjoyment.
The Wednesday evenings between the monthly meetings re utilized for workshop sessions. These are attended by members who enjoy carving in a group where they can socialize as they work, exchanging carving tips and exeriences. This is particularly helful for beginners and intermedates who are learning to carve or who wish to try a technique that they have not previously conquered. Advanced carvers work with these individuals by request. Workshop sessions are normaly very informal; the doors are usually open by 7:00 pm and they last until about 9:00 pm. There is also a workshop on Thursdays from 10:00 am to 1:pm.